Doge NFTs

There are 3333 total Gen1 Doges, each Gen1 Doge NFT is a Solana based SPL token with mutable properties. Doge NFTs are fully animated 3D NFTs with unique visual traits along with specific race properties that are stored in Solana PDAs. The race traits of a doge consist of speed, endurance, and agility. A Doge's lineage will determine it's base race traits, which can be upgraded in our Doge-O using $DTRK.

Doge Class

Doges are divided into 5 different classes based on their race stats and win percentage in the game. In order to keep the game fair doges can only race against other doges in their same class. However a doge can go up and down in class depending on the upgrades they make to their doge's race stats and depending on their win percentage. Higher class doges can race for more tokens. The formula to determine a class is simply:

Class = Average of race stats

  • Class 1 = 1-20

  • Class 2 = 21-40

  • Class 3 = 41-60

  • Class 4 = 61-80

  • Class 5 = 81-100

Breeding (coming soon)

Gen1 Doges will be able to be bred to create Gen2 Doges using $DTRK. 1 Male Doge + 1 Female Doge can create a Gen2 Doge with a $DTRK fee. Gen2 Doges will not have unique visual traits like Gen1 Doge NFTs. The lineage of the Gen2 Doges will depend on the lineage of the Doges used in breeding. All $DTRK used in the breeding process will be burned.

Doge Lineages

There are 18 Doge lineages in the Genesis Doge collection. The lineage determines the rarity and base race stats of any particular doge. Below is a list of lineages along with base race stat ranges associated with each lineage:

Upgrading Your Doge

Gen1 and Gen2 doges can upgrade their race stats in our Doge-O using $DTRK. All $DTRK used in the Doge-O for upgrades will be burned. Doge race stat upgrade costs are based on the class level of statistics and are the same as Class breakdown (divided into 20 1-100). The upgrade fees increase exponentially as the upgrade levels go up in class and upgrade fees are subject to increase in the future depending on game adoption. To upgrade your doge simply go to your Doge Stable and click the "Train" button next to your Doge:

Racing your Doge

Racing your doge is simple, just go to the lobby, filter by class and race type and enter a race, it takes literally seconds.

Remember Doge Track is not a game of chance. Doge Track is a game of skill, which means that your Doge stats/lineage interact directly with the track properties to determine your likelihood of winning a race. This means that the more skilled Doge racers who strategically enter the race types that benefit their Doges profile will win more races, winning more tokens and allowing them to upgrade their Doge's in a targeted way to keep moving up in class and stats!

Here's how the doge stat and race trait interactions works:

  • Doge speed interacts with track laps

  • Doge endurance interacts with track laps

  • Doge agility interacts with track type, here's the list from lowest (Pavement) to highest (Sand) agility difficulty:

    • Pavement

    • Space

    • Dirt

    • Sand

Winning Doges get 80% of the prize pool with the remaining 20% going to the track owner. Entering Doges into races will also require a transaction fee in $SOL to both Doge Track and the SOL network to maintain both networks.

Doge Leaderboard

The Doge leaderboard allows you to see the doges with the most races and highest win percentage, this can be filtered by date and track, allowing doge holders to see where their doge stands among the rest and also allowing track holders to hold events and tournaments to incentivize doges to race on their tracks.

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