What is $DTRK?

$DTRK is our utility token that has a variety of uses across the Doge Track network. There are several ways to receive $DTRK:

1 - Racing your Doge NFT and winning races with $DTRK prize pools

2 - Using your Track NFT to host doge races with $DTRK prize pools

3 - Exchanging $SOL on FFF token market

$DTRK Utilities

$DTRK is the utility token that is used for all mechanisms of the Doge Track network. There are a variety of uses for $DTRK including:

1 - Upgrading your Doge NFT race stats in the Doge-O

2 - Upgrading your Track NFT to allow for higher class doge races and custom graphics on your track in-game.

3 - Adding your Track to the "Featured" list in our lobby (this will be done initially in our Discord server via a manual auction system but may change in the future).

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