Track NFTs

There are a total of 333 Genesis Track NFTs in the Doge Track network. Track NFT owners can host their own Doge races in the network that any Doge NFT owner can join based on their class. Tracks can be customized and upgraded to entice more doges to race or to bring in communities from different projects. Track owners receive 20% of the prize pool from every race that happens on their track. Track NFT owners are the backbone of the Doge Track network and control the races that are happening on the network at all times.

Track NFT Locations

The Genesis Tracks have 7 different locations that have different designs both in the NFT and in-game. The track locations also determine the rarity of the tracks along with the ability to host higher class doge races. Here's a breakdown of the Track locations, rarity, and base class range:
Base Class Range
Solana Beach
Doge Island
City Run
Space Arena
Doge Heaven

Track Lobby Creation

PLEASE NOTE: While you're track is being used in the lobby it won't be in your wallet, you can close your track and return your NFT to your wallet 24 hours after opening a race lobby, we will also be implementing an "auto-close" feature in the near future where open tracks will be automatically returned to your wallet after a certain amount time (time frames for both are subject to change).
As a track owner creating a lobby is simple, just go to your tracks area in the game and create a new lobby. You have several options when creating a lobby using your track:
Entry Fee - How much does it cost a doge to enter a race?
Here are the current limits on $DTRK, $SOL, & $DUST for races based on class (these are subject to change and will be increased gradually, new tokens will be added to this list as they are integrated as well):
Current Limits (10/25/2022)
$DTRK Limits:
Class 1: 10-150 $DTRK Class 2: 10-250 $DTRK Class 3: 10-350 $DTRK Class 4: 10-450 $DTRK Class 5: 10-1000 $DTRK
$DUST Limits:
Class 1: 1-3 $DUST Class 2: 1-5 $DUST Class 3: 1-7 $DUST Class 4: 1-10 $DUST Class 5: 1-15 $DUST
$SOL Limits:
Class 1: 0.1-0.2 $SOL Class 2: 0.1-0.4 $SOL Class 3: 0.1-0.6 $SOL Class 4: 0.1-0.8 $SOL Class 5: 0.1-1 $SOL
Race Length in Laps - How many laps will this race last (1-4 laps) the race length interacts directly with the doge speed and endurance traits Track Type - What type of track will the doges race on? (pavement, sand, dirt, & space) these directly interact with the Doge agility trait Doge Class - What class of doge would you like to race on your track? (Higher class doges can race for more tokens) Race Token (coming soon) - You can choose which token you'd like to use for races, for now it's only $DTRK but we're already adding the option for races in $SOL, $DUST, & more. Races in tokens other than $DTRK will require a 200 $DTRK fee that will be burned (subject to change).

Staking your Track

For a limited time you can stake your track at our Staking Site for 6 $DTRK/day. This amount may increase or decrease in the future and our staking may be discontinued at some point to offer free races instead.

Track Upgrades (coming soon)

Using our native token $DTRK you will be able to upgrade your track to make it more unique and able to attract more doge racers. The current upgrades we're working on integrating are:
Banners - You can add custom banners on your track in-game to promote your favorite project, upcoming mint, or to add some personal flair to your track. Audience - You can add up to 20 different NFTs or images as custom audience members in your track. Doge Class - You can upgrade the base class limit on your track to be able to accommodate higher class races.